2008 SCCPI Excellence in Pain Management Awardee

Isaac Vielma, MD
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Dr. Vielma provides hospice and palliative care at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.  His expertise in pain and palliative care for cancer patients and others is outstanding. He has a gentle, patient, disarming presence that helps to calm patients and their families.  He provides “standing room” only education for physicians and nurses, as well as held well attended in-services for the spiritual care unit and Radiation Oncology.  He demonstrates a passionate commitment to holistic care and nursing staff have been known to call him a “closet nurse”.  His communication style with his colleagues has built a truly multidisciplinary team. Congratulations Dr. Vielma. We are honored to bestow you with the SCCPI Award of Excellence for the wonderful difference you make for those in pain.

" He is progressively and methodically teaching all disciplines how complicated treating cancer pain is."