2010 SCCPI Excellence in Pain Management Awardee

Geri Gembarowski, RN
Alpenglow Hospice

Geri joined the Team at Alpenglow Hospice in 2007.  Since then, she has defined the culture of compassionate care at Alpenglow.  She works tirelessly to be a healing presence to the patients and families she serves.  One of Geri’s primary responsibilities is to work with hospice patients residing in facilities. She is particularly skilled at providing education to family members and facility staff. She frequently meets one on one with patients, family members and caregivers to instruct in effective pain management. Geri advocates for patients who are not able to verbally communicate their pain to ensure optimum pain management. Her skill for “meeting patients where they are” in their journey has earned her high praise from families and facility staff alike. Her colleagues describe her as someone who sets the bar very high for hospice nurses, one says “Geri is the quintessential case manager- listener, educator and collaborator; she makes us proud to be on her team”. Congratulations Geri, thank you for all of the work you do.  SCCPI is proud to honor you with this Award of Excellence for pain management.

Quote: " Her caring attitude defines the culture of compassionate care!"